Marking is extremely important to how each child can progress in their learning.  As such, school spends a great deal of time and attention on making this work as smoothly as possible.  We welcome parents coming into classes - as you know, to see examples of children's work (before school in the designated classes). 


The current marking policy will help you understand our approach from Nursery up to Year 6.   You can download it by clicking here.


However, the approach can be summarised with the following points:


THINK PINK!, GREEN = GREAT! (work highlighted in these 2 colours identifies errors to address and good work respectively)


*  Our approach identifies where misconceptions have happened


*  Our approach looks at what the child has done well


*  Our approach identifies what children need to do do improve (can be either written or oral feedback)


*  Most importantly, the children are given time and encouraged to address their mistakes, correct them and learn from the experience. (The children know this timw as 'to improve' time...or 'P.I.T stops' (Pupil Improvement Time)


This is vital, because marking takes a very long time and needs to be effective for the learner!