Ethos and Values: 


At Stokesay Primary School, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are an extremely inclusive school. Our pupils and families come from a wide variety of backgrounds, both in and around Craven Arms, and our curriculum design and implementation reflects this. We have close links with the local church (St Andrews) as well as the local mosque. One of our school governors is the local Imam, in fact. We welcome pupils in most year groups from the local Long Lane site and welcome a growing number of children who are learning English as an additional language.  The rich and varied mix of backgrounds and cultures in our school is something that we rightly celebrate, as it helps all of our children learn to celebrate difference and learn about others with life experiences that may differ from their own. 


Everyone is welcome, everyone is valued at Stokesay Primary School




At Stokesay Primary School we actively encourage the spiritual moral, social and cultural development of each child in our care, as well as their academic, physical, creative and emotional development.  This is because we view the development of the whole child as vitally important.


SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT:  We help children to develop self-discipline and positive attitudes to work and, through trust and caring, to foster their self-esteem.  We work hard to ensure that we develop the full potential of lively enquiring minds, enabling each child to acquire knowledge and skills in all curriculum areas, being reflective in their approach.


MORAL DEVELOPMENT:   We  encourage respect for moral values, and a strong feeling of right and wrong, combined with a caring attitude for the world in which they are growing up.


SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT:  Our aim is to cater for the all round development of each child in a calm and caring environment in which children can foster and promote meaningful relationships. We strive to make our children sensitive to the needs of others, giving them a sense of fairness and justice and valuing the contribution of each individual member of the school community, in order to allow them to participate  and succeed in the larger local, national and global community now and in the future.


CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT:  We encourage understanding of the fundamental values of democracy, respect for religious values and tolerance for all races, religions and ways of life, as well as developing learners who understand their own (wide ranging) heritage.  Learners who actively take part in the artistic, sporting and cultural opportunities that are provided.


We are determined to develop each child to their fullest extent as a well-balanced and tolerant member of the community.  To succeed we feel it is important that the children should enjoy their education, to develop curiosity and wonder at the world around them.



In 2018/19, we began work on reviewing our school values.  Through work with every child, a survey of all staff and discussion at our January 2019 LGB governors' meeting, our new values are:

Responsibility, Respect, Honesty, Empathy, Teamwork and Love