Class information

Our class ethos is based around HRH (honesty, respect, hard work).  We want the class to be a place where children feel safe and secure and have the right environment for making the most of their opportunity to learn everyday.

The day starts at 8:45 with children looking at the whiteboard to see what their early morning task is.  On most days they will have some mental maths to copy off the board and do for homework.  We will also be checking that last night's homework has been completed.

During the morning we will be doing an hour of maths and an hour of English.  We also spend time before lunch working on reading and spelling skills or learning about a foundation subject  such as  history, RE or PHSE.  Things are different on a Wednesday morning when we have PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment).  At this time children will be learning about computing, music, French and taking part in PE.  They have their maths and English time in the afternoon.

In the afternoon children normally learn about science on a Monday and Tuesday as well as PE and Art or DT.  On a Thursday and Friday afternoon computing, geography or history are taught.  There is also a time to reflect and improve on the weeks learning.  Lastly on a Friday the whole school meets for our Celebration Assembly.

PE takes place on a Monday and Friday but after Easter it will change as we will include a weekly swimming session.  Please make sure PE kit is kept in school as we might sneak in extras sessions.

Rewards are important to give children.  In the school we have a system where we give children tickets for good work, good class contributions or being helpful and good behaviour, to mention just a few.  The children write their name on the ticket and put in to a box.  Once a week a name is drawn out and they get extra privileges for the next week.  Also, each class chooses one persona week as a Stokesay Star, this will be someone who has done particularly well in the last week.  This is chosen by the class teacher and teaching assistant.  We also use Class Dojo rewards on the whiteboard.  Children collect Dojos for hard work, being on task, persistence, respect, pride in their work, teamwork, helping others and for extra special homework.

Homework has various parts to it.  Firstly, there will be daily mental maths to learn that children will be given every morning Monday to Thursday with a test on Friday morning.  Secondly, a weekly list of spellings will be given (approximately 15 words) on the Monday.  Children are expected to learning the spellings be Look, Cover, Say, Write.  They will be tested on a Friday morning.  Sometimes children will be asked to put their spellings in to sentences to help them to be able to use the words in a context.  Reading is another important daily homework.  Children are required to read for a minimum of 20 minutes a day at home and a parent or carer needs to sign their reading record to show they have read.  Some children will read out loud to a grown up for all or part of the 20 minutes.  Others, as they get older and more confident will prefer to read to themselves.  Just remember to get them to talk about their book to make sure they are really reading their book.  Lastly, there will be one piece of written homework a week and the children have a week to complete this.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask the teacher pop in after school any day.  If it is urgent you can also come in at the beginning of the day.  We have an open door policy and want to keep all the channels of communication open with all parents and carers so we can work together to help your child.