Stokesay Primary School is proud to be a 'Safer School'
Stokesay Primary School is proud to be a 'Safer School'

Safer Schools:


West Mercia Police and Shropshire Council support our school with this initiative.

The initiative is a practical and realistic approach to school security and safety.

It gives our school a clear focus and sets a minimum standard for school security.


Please click here for a copy of our Safer Schools Policy Statement, agreed by governors.



For results and analysis of the Safer Schools Questionnaire, sent out in 2014,  please click here (and please look on the tab above, named 'Safer School Questionnaire Results' for more detail on responses/changes made following your input)



The essential elements of the ‘Safer School’ process include:-


*         Implementing a security policy that the governors have adopted.

*        Consulting parents/carers and pupils for their views and updating them on any progress.

*        Publicity of ‘Safer Schools’ to school staff, pupils, school neighbours, parents and prospective parents.

*        Establishing a ‘Safer Schools’ group. This ‘Safer School’ group is a partnership of school stakeholders.

*        Regularly reviewing and implementing good practice and essential security/safety measures for staff, pupils and the site.

*        Educating pupils through the Personal, Social, Health and Economic curriculum programme or the Safer School folder.

*        A daily procedure for recording incidents should they occur i.e. trespass, burglary, theft, anti-social behaviour,           vandalism, arson, suspicious activity etc. 

*         Solving real problems rather than perceived problems. Prioritising work (if any) and reviewing action.

*         If there are security issues i.e. vandalism, anti-social behaviour etc, the intention of the initiative is to reduce/eliminate the issues.




We have regular meetings of the 'Safer Schools' group. 


This group is currently made up of:


*  David Peterson (Headteacher)

*  Julia Morgan (Stokesay parent governor and administrative assistant)

*  Steve Jones (Caretaker)

*  Ian Bartlett (Safer Schools)

*  Dave Baron (local PCSO)

*  Neville Stephens (Stokesay community governor)

*  Ray Hughes (Travel Plan, Road Safety)

*  Pupil input comes through School Council input (when/where appropriate)


We are always keen for new members to join our group, so we have a wider range of views, and would welcome parental input, so please get in touch if you wish.