Parents comments


Here are a range of comments received, (both positive and negative) from recent parents questionnaires.  We have worked/are working to address any concerns raised:


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Parent Survey 2016/17 (Additional Comments) – suggestions are noted in orange or red, while positives are in green. School’s response to this feedback is noted in black:       

“Brilliant School. Fantastic Teachers.”                 

“Lilly comes home from school very happy”              

“This is the best school with the best Head teacher, Mr. Peterson. Thank you.”                 

“I'm very happy with how happy my children are doing at school, I'm happy when they are happy”                      

“My son came in as the youngest in school, this was taken into account and his feelings were always catered for”                  

“Over the moon with Amelia’s progress, she truly enjoys coming”               

“The improvements and changes in school over the last few years have transformed Stokesay in to an amazing school, I look forward to the day when you get the Ofsted inspection that it deserves. Well done all.”               

“This school has improved so much since Mr. Peterson has arrived. So many improvements made, thank you.”               

“Communication between Tutor and Parent is key to a child's progression and in my opinion; this school and the tutors within are on top form. Much appreciated and this shows in my child's own progression in himself and his understanding of the curriculum. Thanks!”            

“Both of my children are happy in school. Big improvement from 5 years ago.”           

“Both of the girls have settled very well and are happy to get up and come to school, all teachers and staff are very approachable and if there are ever any questions or queries I need to ask, I feel comfortable to be able to do so. Thanks Stokesay."        

“Glad I made the move to Craven Arms. Great school.”              

“Really happy with the progress Joseph is making at school.”              

“My child learns very well and also has fun. She is very happy and proud of her school.”                “Newton site looks so much better (well done Steve). I feel that Stokesay school has some fantastic staff and TA's and they have such a big impact on our children's lives and a valuable asset to the school. The teachers are also very much part of your "family" when your child is in their class so having a good relationship between teacher & child and also teacher & parent is important.”       

”Well done to all at Stokesay school.”             

“Stokesay has always been a good school, but oh, how much its improved, definitely got some fantastic teachers now, especially Miss Prosser who really has really brought my daughters learning on so much, here's hoping everyone stays and the school continues to grow. Well done everyone.”               

“With my experience the class teacher my oldest child has, has been brilliant with dealing with issues and putting action plans in plan to try to prevent issues recurring.”              

“Stokesay School is lucky to have some lovely teachers who are an important key part to helping parents build a solid foundation for our children. Fantastic teachers stay with the children as they grow up so I thank Stokesay for that.”           

“Val is a fantastic asset to the key support she does with her designated children. Overall Stokesay school is a place my children enjoy being.”           

“A wonderful school to send your children. The teachers and assistants always go that extra mile to ensure that the school is run well and solely for the benefit of the pupils.”                   

“So lovely to see the enthusiasm the children have towards their learning.”                

“Teachers are always available to discuss concerns and always happy to help.”                 

”I believe that additional ASD training /awareness should be delivered to ALL staff members and it would be good to see that they're aware that not all children present the same way. Parents’ voices on this subject is vital to understanding individual children.”  (SCHOOL RESPONSE = Staff are very experienced and many have had recent training in this area.  We will look into a way to use our wealth of experience across school to deliver in-house training for all staff in future if possible)        

“I would like to see a teacher appreciation (as seen in your FB comment) that would also allow parents as well as the children to nominate. Possibly a balloon that the teacher could leave in their classroom so they could proudly show it off?”            

“It would be nice to have "Teacher Appreciation" in celebratory assembly so parents and children could nominate a member of staff.” (SCHOOL RESPONSE = This idea is already in our school development plan, as part of a project to celebrate the achievements of adults – both staff and parents. I want to celebrate lifelong learning, so that children see that learning does NOT end at 315pm.)         

“I think children need to learn about hidden disabilities and to understand a lot more about how they can be more accepting of them.” (SCHOOL RESPONSE = This is part of our pastoral and PSHE work in school, and in October, in response to this comment, I led a whole school assembly on this very topic.)       

”Bad / unwanted behaviour should have clear consequences and consistent punishments.” (SCHOOL RESPONSE = This consistency of approach is always our aim – please have a look at the behaviour policy for details. However, where issues arise, we always try and learn from the experience and amend our procedures as required.  Overall, staff, pupil and parent surveys suggest that such unwanted behaviour is rare and behaviour is both ‘good’ and ‘well managed’)             

“It's not always easy to approach members of staff if you have a query, and sometimes once you have you feel a change in dynamic between you as the parent and that particular member of staff.”  (SCHOOL RESPONSE = I am sorry this has been your experience at times.  I know that the staff being approachable and helpful is hugely appreciated by the large majority of parents.  I have mentioned this to staff, since we do not want anyone to feel that they cannot approach staff with a query.  Should this ever happen, please mention this and we will work hard to help.)       


“I think they need more homework and other stuff to learn. Thanks” (SCHOOL RESPONSE = Parent and Pupil feedback strongly suggests that the amount of homework given out is appropriate for the ages and abilities of the children. However, I know that you have spoken to your child’s class teacher regarding this, and that the teacher has suggested several additional ways that she can access more homework and learning opportunities should you wish.)


 Parent Survey 2015/16 - Comments:  


It is nice to see the head teacher so welcoming in the mornings and all of the other teachers are approachable and helpful.          

I feel that since the school has gained its new head master the school has improved amazingly!

No problems or concerns and any that do occur are dealt with quickly in the way I would expect.                          

Head lice needs sorting - bring back the 'nit nurse' to make sure children are treated on the same day.   (We do all we can to work with parents on this emotive issue - including school purchasing samples of a natural remedy for treatment...available free of charge upon request)                  

Brilliant school, however I feel that they receive too much homework. (general parent and pupil feedback suggests the balance is correct, though we always review this)                 

Both my children are very happy at Stokesay School, doing great in lessons. The teachers are all very helpful and do the kids well.               

My one child is doing extremely well, but other has ASD so has different concerns.              

The teachers are easy to talk with and are happy to answer any concerns and give up their own time to do so. Any issues appear to be dealt with as soon as they arise, of which is very helpful as children forget within minutes.

Very happy!!                        

Aiman doesn't want to leave, he is happy here. Hanae likes all the teachers and friends.                         

The school is very good. I’m really happy with progress for my child.

Thanks to every teacher for helping her improve.                           

I love coming to assembly and love the way the children are celebrated.                  

Over all we are happy with the school.                      

School progress need to be better, thanks. (Progress measures across the school are positive, though we always wish for better)             

My son really enjoys coming to school which means he enjoys learning.               

Fantastic teaching, really impressed by the teachers and the new head master has really improved the school.              

Really pleased with Stokesay primary school, it’s wonderful!                             

Feel you need to take more time to address issues surrounding SEN and how best to manage these in school, and to listen carefully to parents with regards to their concerns.  (2015/16 meetings 1:1 with MAT SENCO, and termly coffee mornings where parents of SEND pupils meet SENCO and SEND governor)"

Have had children attending the school for over 10 years and it is the best it has ever been now.                    





Here are a range of comments received, (both positive and negative) from the parents questionnaire in 2014.  We have worked/are working to address any concerns raised:



*  "Class teachers engage with children well."

*  "Children always like going to school and teachers are really helpful."

*  "School encourages children to participate with other activities like sports and cooking clubs."

*  "Education is improving."

*  "School provides a caring community."

*  "I think school does well."

*  I think Stokesay is going in the right direction and simply needs recognition for its brilliant work."

*  "My children are happy and moving forward well.  This is down to the teachers and what they are learning."

*  "I feel there is a lot more on offer for the children this term, including the after school options."

*  "The school seems to be more organised in how children are dealt with."

*  "The celebration assembly seems to be a positive thing. Well done!"

*  "As the school seems to be heading forward, I would just keep doing what has been happening over the last 12 months."

*  "You have all made my son feel really welcome and he is enjoying coming to school."

*  "The standard of teaching is excellent."

*  "The whole school ethos is good and always encourages the best from the children."

*  "The school has always been good, but now with various things being/having been implemented, the school is working towards being great!"

*  "The children feel safe and relaxed in the surroundings."

*  "There is always a really good atmosphere whenever I come into school."

*  "I like the newsletter.  It gives us plenty of notice of events coming up."

*  "All of the staff work really hard to provide the best all around teaching for the children."

*  "I'm glad the Ofsted inspections are getting better results as this must give (the staff) a boost."

*  "(The school) pushes children to succeed."

*  "I feel the school supports and furthers my child's learning well."

"It's good to see more after school clubs, and a variety of them."

*  "(she) enjoys all of the challenges set."

 *  "A range of awards seem to have a positive effect on the pupils' attitude to learning."

*  "I think that the provision to encourage good behaviour and to try your best are good."

*  "The children get on well together whatever age or class they are in."

*  "Celebration assemblies are always very good."

*  "Teaching is good, my children are happy at school."

*  "The children and the teachers work very hard and they should be rewarded more for this."

*  "The school has improved a great deal and everyone is doing really well keeping it that way."

*  "It is nice to see Mr Peterson some mornings in the Newton Building."

*  "(The school) treats each child differently (according to)...different needs."





NB - Any changes made or proposed are noted in brackets and italics after each point raised


*  "A greater opportunity to be stretched academically."  (All teachers and TAs do their utmost to tailor learning for every individual.  Differentiation of level of work or how much support is a "non negotiable" in every class and.  Also, we have things like Rainbow Readers to stretch the more able, and we are working on other ways to challenge the most able pupils.)

*  "Nicole asked for the shadow on her whiteboard to be removed, as this would help her learn better." (We are constantly renewing/updating our equipment and resources, and will look into this specific issue shortly.)

*  "(It's) sad (that with Mr Morris leaving) that brass instrument music opportunities have been lost." (We are looking into this and the new teacher joining us from January 2015 is keen to look into starting an orchestra of some description, so this may be resolved very soon.)

*  "The school should encourage children to eat healthy food (and) arrange education for healthy eating." (The meals provided at lunch are full of healthy options and staff encourage all children to eat healthily.  In science, PE and PSHE, healthy lifestyles are part of the current curriculum, but we will also look into arranging assemblies or similar to promote healthy eating even more.)

*  "More understanding of autistic spectrum."  (Just this term we have sent staff on courses on this exact issue, and most of our experienced staff have had previous training in this area.  We also work closely with experts in the area on a case by case basis (such as Autism West Midlands) whenever necessary.  We will look into this area further though.)

*  "Maybe involve the Newton Building a bit more."  (We are all frustrated by the challenges of having a split site, as this is not ideal.  We are all working on ways to achieve closer work between the 2 sites in future.)

*  "I think that the children who work hard and are consistently good deserve recognition too." (The chance tickets system encourages exactly these children, as the more 'chances' they receive for lots of good work, the more likely they are to 'win'.  Also, teachers keep records of who is celebrated, so that no-one is forgotten by the end of the year.)

*  "Permanent teachers (for younger children)"  (Recently, much more stability in terms of teaching in Newton has been secured, and from January 2015, this will increase, as a staff reorganisation has been put in place to achieve stability for all children, but primarily for our youngest children.)

 *  "Maybe have all of the school on one site.  Going from the little school into the main school (is a big jump) for the younger children."  (At present, we don't have space in either site for all of our classes to learn comfortably, but every avenue is being investigated, and has been for some time now, to see if this may change in the future.  If this is ever possible, we will of course let you all know.)

*  "When holding workshops for parents perhaps they could be held at different times and days."  (We will definitely plan for this going forward, but of the 2 so far this year, they have been on 2 different days, and one was straight after school, while the other finished past 5pm.  I have checked with staff who have been here longer than I have and they confirm that this is already taken into consideration too.  However, as I said, we will look at what we can do (within reason) to be even more flexible about timings.)



Here are a range of comments received, (both positive and negative) from the parents questionnaire in 2013.  We have worked/are working to address any concerns raised:



  • "Being at Stokesay School my child is a happy child and is always pushed to succeed."
  • "This year I am happy so far."
  • "Good safety and security"
  • "Happy Environment"
  • "Many successes that are often overlooked by the outside eye"
  • "Good Learning environment"
  • "Children are stretched to get the best out them"
  • "Children within class are well supported"
  • "Teachers support happy, confident socially adept kids"
  • "The quality of teaching has improved!
  • "Excellent members of staff"
  • "Teachers are nice and helpful"
  • "Cannot compliment the teachers enough on the way they help the kids and teach them"
  • "Teachers pick up each child’s abilities and areas that need improvement and help children to better themselves"
  • "Teachers full of energy"
  • "A lot of opportunities across the curriculum"
  • "Use resources like the Discovery Centre well"
  • "Good break activities"
  • "Excellent free out of school activities"
  • "Great food"
  • "Family Support Worker"
  • "Keep the parents informed"
  • "Loved ‘Stokesay’s got Talent’ and other performances"


NB - Any changes made or proposed are noted in brackets and italics after each point raised




  • "School is doing well to provide a good education but management should improve the standard of education and extra curricular activities like London Schools." (We have a wide range of after school clubs this year, including Homework Club, Rotary Club,  E-reading Club, dance, football and netball teams, drumming, gardening/Eco Schools etc)
  • "Great to have a breakfast Club BUT an after school and possibly a school holiday club is desperately needed in Craven Arms Mums will not look at jobs due to lack of childcare"  (We have several options for after school clubs - please see above)
  • "No children riding bicycles in school playground as a danger to parents and small children." (This only happens at the start of the day, not at play time or lunch time.  Children have been reminded about the rule about stepping off bikes before they enter the grounds, and staff will monitor this)
  • "Too much homework. Children need time to for exercise, relaxation and family activities."  (Homework levels are in relation to the age of the children and we monitor the amount given regularly.  It is always a balance to make sure that children get the right amount)
  • "Must give homework to all children from Class 1" (Please see above point)
  • "Encourage children to improve their handwriting and maths from early classes"  (This was already started in 2013/14 and has been continued)
  • "KS1 children should be given more writing" (Extended Writing happens from KS1 at least every Friday)
  • "KS1 should be encouraged to be better learners to prepare them for KS2" (We are making use of the different staff approaches from all key stages to encourage an approach that achieves this for all children)
  • "Possibly more information on SATs and how parents can help their children when it comes nearer to the time, i.e. face to face meeting/discussion" (Year 6 staff will investigate this asap)
  • "Have different days for parents to learn how to help children learn the maths" (In 2014/15, we will be holding a series of workshops for parents, starting with a maths workshop in Autumn 2014.  Details to follow)