Maths Workshop Feedback 2017


As often as we can (termly usually), we put on workshops or 'drop in' lessons for parents and carers to learn about schools approach. 

These have focused on key areas recently, such as: 

*  How maths is taught

*  Maths calculation

*  Phonics

*  Grammar  

We constantly aim to improve our work with parents, so feedback is very important.  Below is an example of the feedback from Maths-focused 'drop in' lessons held in January/February 2017:


Maths Drop In Lessons (Spring 2017)

Parent/Carer Feedback Analysis:


REPLIES:  20 to date


I am glad I came:

100% agreed (of which 80% strongly agreed)

I feel more confident in supporting my child in their maths now:

100% agreed (of which 70% strongly agreed)

The drop in was useful

100% agreed (of which 75% strongly agreed)

I would like to do more of this type of event

100% agreed (of which 85% strongly agreed)




What were the best things about it?


  • Encouraging the children
  • Seeing how school teachers maths (to different groups/ages)
  • Seeing how much the children do in a short space of time
  • Lovely to see the different ways they learn maths
  • “The teachers were amazing!”
  • “It made me see how I can help at home”
  • “I got an insight into how far my son has come”
  • “Good to feel involved”
  • “(My child) likes that I have taken an interest and now we can count things at home in a similar way to school”
  • Watching how they learn x 2
  • Very well presented and informative insight into how the children are taught
  • The interaction between teachers and pupils
  • Teachers are passionate and caring
  • Pupils are showing willingness to want to learn
  • Developing skills
  • Working alongside your child
  • Helpful to be able to check with the teacher if unsure
  • Lovely to hear the children share their knowledge with pride
  • I feel it will help me support him at home
  • Seeing how the children learn
  • Seeing how to show workings out
  • Spending time with my child
  • Miss Gardner’s sing-song!
  • Learning a simplified way of supporting my child
  • Seeing how engaged the children were
  • Being able to work with my child at the table to put it into practice
  • Good group interaction
  • I can now carry on with the techniques at home
  • Being part of school and supporting her learning



What could be even better for next time?


  • More interaction with the children x 3
  • More of these sorts of events x 4
  • Different subjects/areas x 2
  • A longer session x 3
  • An activity parents can take away to do with the children (follow up) x 3
  • A guide for parents to refer to on the methods used
  • Working through a sample SATs paper to see what methods they need to apply  (Y2/Y6 especially)


NB: The feedback was discussed at a staff meeting in early February, prior to us planning the next (literacy based) drop in sessions