Medicines in School

School staff cannot be directed to administer medication.  However, should your child require medication prescribed by a doctor then it should be given to the class teacher by a parent/carer with a signed note asking if the medication can be given in school, along with the information (dose, timings etc) on the medicine's label that will have been attached/printed by the doctor/dispensing pharmacist.  The note should be signed by a parent giving permission for a member of staff to administer the medication with the understanding that medicines are the responsibility of the parent.  If long term medication is prescribed it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that sufficient stocks are kept in school.  To read the policy on Supporting Children With Medical Conditions, please click here.

Head lice:  These unwelcome visitors can be the bane of parents' and children's lives at a young age.  While we regularly send out information to support parents with this in newsletters, you might also like to click on the NHS link below for more information on prevention and treatment.