(Updated for September 2017)




David Peterson                     (ICT (joint), Music (joint) & Modern Languages (joint))




Turquoise (Y5 & 6)


Orange (Y3 & 4)



Gold (Y1 & 2)



Rainbow 2 (Reception and Year 1)



Rainbow 1 (Nursery)



Specialist Teachers:




MAT Cross Phase Staff:



 Teacher                                  Curriculum Responsibility/Other



Simon Ansell                       Teacher in charge, Maths/Geography/RE (joint)


Natalie Patrick                     Art/Design, English



Michaela Gidney                  PE (joint)/Science/EYFS & KS1 Lead



Kadie Pinches                      PSHE and RE (joint)  



William Vaughan                  History, ICT (joint)


Dot Atkin (Music specialist)                          Music (joint)*  TBC

Tom Ward (PE specialist teacher, CSS)          PE (joint)*   TBC

Louise Dixon (MFL specialist teacher, CSS)     MFL (joint)*   TBC



Steve Lunt (MAT Principal)

Cathy Thomas (MAT Business Director)

Michael Basnett (MAT Literacy Director)

Tom Ward (MAT SENCO)                           

School Business Manager


Office Administrative Assistant (Mon/Weds)

Pam Price


Julia Morgan-Jones

Teaching Assistants







Lynn Wood                     Dalma Berta

Wendy Layton                Georgina Lewis

Ge Picton                       Raylene Andrew

Tracy Winter                  Kayleigh Roberts

Donna Lewis                 

Millie McKnight

Family Support Worker

Val Holtz

Supervisory Assistants

Jan Juckes                      Lyn Wilding

Tracy Winter                   Donna Lewis

Nicky Zanft                     Jeanette Gardner

Veronica Morgan              Laura Green

Cleaning Staff

Steve Jones (Caretaker)                        Angie Richards/Georgina Lewis/Raylene Andrew


Kitchen Staff (employed by Shire Services)

Helen Lane                  

Caroline Mountford     Karen Broxton

Katie Gardner