The school has special needs group provision and we have a Special Needs Co-ordinator, who has responsibility for supporting children with special needs.  The school will always consult with parents as soon as it is thought that a child needs additional support with learning or  behaviour.


MAT SENCO  = Mr Tom Ward


Governor with responsibility for SEN          = Mr Neville Stephens


For a copy of the school's Combined SEN(D) Policy and SEN(D) Information Report 2017/18, please click here.   


A link to the Shropshire SEN(D) Local Offer is here:


Children who need learning support will be taught both within their own class base, individually or in small groups appropriate to their learning needs.  They will receive specific help from their class teacher, the special needs co-ordinator, the learning support advisory teacher and teaching assistants.


The school works hard to meet the requirements of the Code of Practice for Children with Special  Educational Needs and  allocates considerable resources to enable all  children to reach their  potential. Analysis of assessments every term and KS1/2 SATs results every year monitors the progress made by SEN pupils compared to their peers.  A copy of the policy for Special Educational Needs is  available from the school on request.




The information in this report answers questions such as:


*  How do we identify children with SEND and assess their needs?

How do we consult with parents/carers of children with SEND and involve them in their child’s education?

How do we consult children with SEND and involve them in their education?

How do we use other adults in school to support children with special educational needs or disabilities?

How do we adapt our curriculum and learning environment to include children with special educational needs?

How do we assess progress and review and set targets for children with SEND?

*  How do we review this progress so that pupils stay on track and how do we include parents and carers in this process?

*  What extra support do we bring in to help us to meet SEND:- services, expertise, outside agencies?   

How do we support our pupils at times of transition?

What parents/carers can do if they have a complaint about the provision made in school.

What expertise and training do our staff have to support children with SEND?

*  How are children with SEND enabled to engage in activities available with children who do not have SEND?

What support is available for improving emotional and social development?


To access national guidance for parents/carers on special educational needs and disability, please click here.



Below are a raft of useful links to articles from:


These are all designed to be useful for parents/carers of children with SEN(D).  We hope they are useful.