School Council


In every class, the children nominate and vote for representatives for School Council, which meets regularly so that pupils have an even stronger voice in our school.


Each class has a class council and ideas from this feed into School Council, chaired by Mr Ansell, who then brings these ideas to staff meetings to see what action we can take.


School Council 2014/15:


Rainbow Unit:  Charlie and Roman

Purple Class:  Oscar and Nellie

Orange Class:  Ollie and Bonnie

Turquoise Class:  Ella and Cody


Mr Ansell writes down what is discussed and this information is shared by the class representatives back in class.  It is also put on the School Council display board (and on this website - where possible).



 Autumn Term 2014: 


*  School Council chose one question that they wanted staff and governors to ask the candidates for the new teaching post from January 2015.




November 21st  2014 Meeting (brief minutes*):


=  Classes had a discussion for new names for the 2 school buildings.  The winners were:  Willow (Newton building) and Rowan (Main building).  We will work on starting this across the school in 2015.


=  Worry Box - children wanted this and now it is in place and working well.


=  Mufti Days - School Council decided on various themes for our Mufti days this year.


=  Playground equipment - the children want to look into buying some more playtime equipment. 



*  Full minutes are circulated to classes and displayed next to the 'School Council' display board